Developer Resources

Manage, monitor and enhance your streaming video and content delivery

With a range of new tools and resources in Limelight Developer Central, it’s easier than ever to configure, manage and monitor your streaming video and other CDN (Content Delivery Network) workflows. Limelight also offers a range of edge compute options, both CDN-integrated and general-purpose, letting you run your own code in locations around the world. It’s all part of Limelight’s expanded commitment to developer empowerment.

Overview of Limelight Developer Resources

For streaming video and content delivery, it’s easier than ever to manage, monitor and enhance Limelight streaming video and content delivery services:

  • Comprehensive API suite lets you integrate Limelight services directly with your internal workflows
  • New Limelight Developer Central is your one-stop resource for information, OpenAPI documentation, sample code, SDKs, experts to answer your questions, and a forum to engage and get your questions answered
  • New Limelight API Explorer provides tutorials and interactive tools that let you test, modify and copy example API and SDK code live. It features loads of sample code in multiple languages that you can modify and copy to paste directly into your environment
  • EdgeFunctions serverless compute is integrated with the Limelight CDN, letting you enhance and customize the experiences you deliver by uploading your code and running it at the network edge
  • Limelight’s new Developer Community Manager is available to answer your questions and demo the new developer tools

General-purpose edge compute offerings, both bare metal and virtual machine, offer developers resources to run their code at the edge for both CDN and non-CDN applications.


Tools to Address Your Business Needs

Limelight Delivery API Suite

Streamline integration by connecting information and controls directly into software tools and portals you already use. Here are just some of the potential use cases for Limelight delivery APIs and the new developer tools:

  • Service monitoring and analytics — automate the collection of real-time data for monitoring and analytics purposes (Realtime Reporting API)
  • Content security — manage security certificates (Configuration API)
  • Access control — manage access by IP address and geography (Configuration API)
  • Reporting — automatically collect information you need and insert it into reports you use to manage your business (Realtime Reporting API)
  • Direct management of services — configure services directly via API calls (Configuration API)
  • Content management — purge stale content (SmartPurge API)
  • Storage management — manage your origin storage (Origin Storage API, planned for future release)
  • Video content management — upload and manage Limelight Video Platform media and channels

Limelight EdgeFunctions for Video and Content Delivery

EdgeFunctions serverless compute at the network edge is integrated with Limelight Delivery, and is ideal for use cases including:

  • Personalized streaming — optimize video for user’s device, content preferences, location, and more
  • Access control / compliance — authenticate, authorize or block access
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion — maximize revenue with ads targeted by viewer, integrating with advertising ecosystems of your choice
  • Forensic watermarking — deter piracy with uniquely identifiable streams per viewer, integrating with the watermarking technology of your choice
  • Data collection — capture client data for augmentation, normalization or filtering to feed analytics systems
  • A/B testing — improve usability by testing which layouts and content are more appealing to your users
  • Intelligent redirect — optimize and customize user experiences with active origin selection

Bare Metal and Virtual Machine at the Edge

Bare metal and virtual machines provide raw compute resources to developers and devops teams. Edge compute resources integrated with Limelight’s network enhance your ability to deliver high-quality experiences at scale with reduced latency while managing cost. Businesses in media and entertainment, gaming and software have found applications that are well suited to these edge compute capabilities.


DevOps and Technical Collaboration

Limelight self-service and edge compute capabilities are equally accessible via both UI and APIs. Your developer and operations teams can collaborate seamlessly regardless of which access method they prefer. Limelight Control is API-native under the hood, ensuring smooth workflow across teams and stages of implementation. Compatibility is bi-directional — you can make changes using APIs and modify them later using Limelight Control, and vice versa.