Delivery Performance

Whether it’s streaming video or your website, mobile applications, music, software, games, or APIs, your content needs to reach customers quickly, reliably, and securely. Limelight provides the capacity, coverage, and performance to cost-effectively deliver a better experience for you and your customers. Web developers can build fast websites faster with advanced Layer0 developer tools and sub-second delivery. An award-winning technical team extends your options to innovate and integrate to the edge.

If you’ve come to this place, it’s probably because you are on a journey. Maybe you’re exploring ways to retain and boost your audience base for live or on demand video, about to release the most anticipated video game in your company’s history, or need to frequently update the software in your latest fitness tracker.

Whatever you want to do, the best CDN is the one that will deliver that outcome. At Limelight we are passionate about delivering the best outcomes for our customer partners.

For the largest OTT entertainment and sports providers

Limelight provides streaming solutions for whatever outcomes you desire, whether it's to reach your expanding global audience with broadcast-quality live video, deliver innovative viewer multi-screen engagement experiences or launch an anticipated new on-demand series.

"Because 90% of our traffic is on our Live Stream, we are looking for ways to repackage our VOD content into themed linear live channels. We’re also seeing a shift to app and mobile for OTT. Having Limelight as our single vendor CDN gives us an advantage and positions us to quickly respond to changing viewing habits on a global scale."
- Justin Woods, Director of Digital Distribution, Hope Channel International INC.

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Manufacturers of devices

Your users rely on devices every day to communicate, share what’s happening in their lives, stay in touch with friends and relatives, play games, or track health and fitness. We provide the update and download solutions so you can deliver a robust user touchpoint experience.

"Our primary objective was a stable integrated system for providing our website visitors with the same smooth and intuitive experience that our games deliver on the Nintendo game consoles. If today’s gaming consoles deliver HD video, the videos on the web should offer HD quality too. I am very pleased with our results with Limelight. The video experiences that we provide across our websites have substantially improved which has increased the number of videos being requested. The programming interface is excellent and offers plenty of options for the future. We can finally focus on our core business: creating content and great user experiences."
- ENIS SARI, Manager Online Service Team, Nintendo Europe

You have already experienced what Limelight can do if you watch movies, follow the hottest series, watch the biggest sports events or someone in your family plays video games. Chances are good that the online video or robust game download was delivered on Limelight’s global private network.

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Delivery Performance

Why is Limelight the best global CDN to deliver your desired outcomes?

The best CDN for any customer is the one that delivers on their desired outcomes. For Limelight, our customers and prospects typically want a broadcast-quality video with the lowest rebuffer rates, reduced internal video workflow complexity, fast and robust file and software download experiences for their users, fast web content delivery and instant page loads, reliability and 24/7/365 expert support.

Why is Limelight the best CDN for delivering the largest live events, massive game downloads, and best online web experiences?

Limelight’s CDN is Ranked #1 or #2 globally and in most regions in fast response times (according to CDNPerf.com). Proven robust online video delivery and file/software downloads for the largest OTT video and game providers. Integration of leading-edge web delivery and site development into our CDN (Layer0).
Free, unrestricted 7/24/365 access to live technical support, award winning professional services, proven expertise delivering some of the largest online events.

Delivery Performance

The world’s largest broadcasters and content rights owners trust Limelight for best-in-class delivery of their biggest launches and highest-profile live streaming events. From fast file downloads to instant loading web pages, Limelight’s ongoing investment in the development and optimization of every component of its CDN provides industry-leading performance, even over congested or changing network conditions.

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Instant pages load before the request

EdgeJS puts data into the browser 5 seconds before it is needed.

layer0 workflow web

The World’s Fastest Websites Trust Layer0 by Limelight

Before Layer0, complex pages might take 3-6 seconds to load. With Layer0, pages load 70-90% faster, in just a few hundred milliseconds. What does a fast website mean for businesses? Customers have seen 30% more organic search traffic, 40% reduction in bounce rates, and 17% higher conversion rates.

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Solution Brief: File Downloads And Software Updates

Provide users with a great download experience and you enhance their desire to remain a customer.

Data Sheet: EdgeXtend

With Limelight EdgeXtend, you can dramatically reduce the need to retrieve video and other content from remote origin.

Data Sheet: Limelight Managed CDN

Now service providers who also deliver content to end users can provide a better experience to users while reducing backhaul costs.