Bare Metal Compute at the Edge

Edge Compute

Bare Metal Compute as a Service

If you want full control of the software stack and the highest edge performance accelerated by Limelight’s global network, Limelight Bare Metal as a Service is ideal for you. You’ll have access to a range of dedicated physical servers in Limelight PoPs, with direct access to Limelight’s premium network connectivity. You can choose a Limelight-provided OS or load your own remotely. You’ll have remote management capability via an intuitive portal or RESTFUL APIs and a secure Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) lights-out management capability.

Control and Flexibility

Dedicated bare metal servers you can manage remotely give you compute power where you need it. You have full control of the system without having to share resources or deal with hypervisors. Limelight offers an array of hardware configurations featuring Intel and AMD processors with multiple levels of physical cores, RAM, storage, and network bandwidth. Dedicated servers can be deployed across Limelight’s global network to support your workload in any region or location. Each server includes a single public IPv4 and IPv6 address, or if you prefer you can bring your own IP address space. Other features include flexible Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) configuration, the ability to create intra-location VLANs, and support for IP anycast.

High Performance

Bare metal compute provides the flexibility of compute-as-a-service with the higher performance of dedicated hardware. Bare metal compute generally outperforms virtualized compute, since virtualized compute runs on top of hypervisor software.