Virtual Machine at the Edge

Edge Compute

Virtual Machine as a Service

If you want ease of deployment, software stack control and scaling, and performance accelerated by Limelight’s global network, Limelight Virtual Machine (VM) as a Service is ideal for you. In selected PoPs around the world, Limelight provides a hosted virtualized compute service that makes it easy to choose a guest OS and system specs (CPU, RAM, storage) and upload your applications. Limelight’s VM-as-a-Service offering is secure, easy to buy, easy to implement, and easy to manage. Furthermore, a multi-PoP edge resiliency strategy for virtual machines can be more robust than that achieved with single or dual cloud locations.

Control and Flexibility

The combination of full application stack control and fast deployment makes virtualized compute a good choice for many applications. The system is easy to configure and easy to scale as demand grows. Load-balancing and backup services are available.